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New York Town

This song is by Black 47 and appears on the album New York Town (2004).

Too much pain, too much sorrow
Eyes bone dry, get on with our tomorrows
I wake up in a pool of tears and sweat
Cryin' for some friends I ain't never even met
Then I hear the drone of a low-flyin' plane
And oh my God, here we go again!

Skyscrapers blowin' up inside my head Screamin' at a fireman whose radio is dead Flyin' in a chopper over the Towers Get out of there, my sisters and brothers I been tellin' everybody since 1993 These radios are gonna be the death of me Ain't no smoke without a fire The people want answers not patronizin' Somethin' goin' down, New York Town Somethin' goin' down Somethin' goin' down, New York Town Somethin' goin' down

I been talkin' to a man from the CIA Hey we got you covered, kid, everything is okay Then why the hell ain't we had an investigation It's just too complicated 'sides you just don't get the political implications And you sound like a commie from the United Nations.

Too man friends, too many heroes Dust in the wind - Ground Zero Too many cowboys, too many martyrs Too many questions, not enough answers Was no one lookin' out for us, is that so simplistic Brothers and sisters all becomin' statistics

Ain't no smoke.

I dreamed I saw the White House - an oil well in the yard Was I just bein' paranoid? SUVs, SOBs, gas guzzlers Didn't conservation go out with Jimmy Carter Is it just me and my imagination Or have we sold out the very spirit of this nation?

The talkin' heads are chattering on television In between ads - the new religion I wish they'd leave me here just broken-hearted Right back where I started Then I hear the rumble of a low flyin' plane And, oh my God, this thing is happenin' again

Ain't no smoke

Orphan of the Storm Get off the plane at Kennedy Got a dream in your heart Though it's down in your boots Got a hundred quid in your pocket And a couple of addresses In Woodside and the Bronx And you fit in like a fist in a glove With the other hard chaws on the gang Some are runnin' from themselves Some are runnin' from God and man And you drink to dull the memory Of why you strayed from home To the concrete fields of New York City An orphan of the storm

The gangerman looks at you Respect in his eyes He knows you'll work until you drop 'Cause there's a black rage eatin' away inside you You'd walk through walls, son Before you'd ever give up And at night you're like a phantom Nailin' every you one you can It's better than lyin' awake in the dark Thinkin' of her with another man But she'll never take your dreams away That's not why you've come To the canyoned streets of New York City An orphan of the storm

You only went back once You just had to be sure Kindness in her eyes You saw only pity there So drink up your Jamesons whiskey Wash it down with pints Obliteration on the rocks Then out of here in the dawn's hungover light

So you put her far behind you You hardly think of her anymore Well, maybe on a rainy Sunday night You're the gangerman yourself now Got a new job down the Trades And every little thing's gonna be alright Then they blew you to sweet Jesus On that grand September day Not a cloud on your horizon Your heart finally okay But they couldn't take your dreams away They were not for sale or loan On the shattered streets of New York City This orphan has finally come home

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