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Young Blood

This song is by BlackRain and appears on the album It Begins (2013).

Young blood
Running high and low
Young blood
Wild ego

Beg to live dreams others made
You never really know why
Ring a ring o roses" in the head
Have to say goodbye
Get a new love from far away
May be taken for a ride
Wounds are so easy to turn grey
When the future's open wide

Shaking with laughter, crying sometimes
Hard to find a way
In Nowheresville there ain't no signs
So it's time to get away
I guess There's a place where the sidewalk ends
Under fairer skies
Leave the town to find new friends
And walk a thousand miles

Young blood
Running high and low
Young blood
Wild ego
Young blood
Young heart
Falls in love
From time to time

Everybody wants a new life
And prays for better days
But only youth can hold the knife
That will light it up with blaze
Take a look at the years that stay
And the promise in our hand
Who will be the ones to say
We have done what we planned" ?

It's a good old fashioned story that is told, in and out of time
Mistakes don't look the same for those who made them, no it's not a crime

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