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The Truth

This song is by Bizzy Bone and appears on the album Evolution Of Elevation (2006).

[[INTRO Ye ye// (one time//) one setup /no enemies// Allah /(is for my people) if you have no enemies there is no reason for you to ride on this one right here baby/ (na meen b /war) yeah
Bounce// bounce// come on //come on
That's what I'm talking baby/ right there baby / (the right way this is our house)
Allah is god muslims in the house]]

A many a people in my business /many a people in deed
Many a people on my disnic/ and they don't even know me
They Wasn't around for thuggish ruggish/ wasn't around for the struggle/ they wasn around when I was homeless /was wasn't around for my troubles
Up in my *****es face /like they was there for the soth/ter
They getting tested and don't even know it/ they don't got no water hola holla
Need a dolla drop a dime in a bucket/ I'm cutting them up off quick qwit the quickness/ I don't know you like **** it/all the judases and harlots and dragons we set around /I came in the door bessed /and you acted like you found me
Could have cleaned you up and downey (Allah damn me) /could have cleaned you with bleach/I am a muslim study islam baby then you can reach

[[Chorus/hook 1 And let the haters know the truth nigga/ they de snakes and they gone be the demons it the lak/e eternally burnin in the fire /batta get quick back to god/allah
An we say a sallah mallecum get on your job/]]
And let the haters know the truth nigga they de snakes/ and they gone be the demons it the lake /eternally burnin in the fire betta/ get quick back to god/Allah
An we say a sallah mallecum get on your job
One time for they?]]]

How do they lie /with they venomous tongues and leading the life
Would they be switching they stories /they g/lore me deplore me to fight
Like I'm scared to take a flight /I rather travel on foot /I am a walker you a dreamer/ in a beemer now look/ I am a muslim and I'm not drinkin' your grapes and your wine /gimme the milk and draped in silk &/ poppin' pills I'll be fine
And they totally out of line /poke out your inches to see me/ it ill take more than plastic surgery for you to try to be me /it ill take more than rappin' fast it/ il take more th your braids/ it ill take more than flashin cash / it ill take more than a cape/ve it ill take more than pretty women right now I'm abstinent hey

It ill take more than getting attacked, I'm a veteran mayn/ with all the geniuses an harlots an dragons be set around me/I came in the door bleesd and you actin' like you found me
Could have cleaned you up wi downey/could have cleaned you with bleach
I am a muslim study Islam baby/maybe you can reach/yo

Lil speech/ chorus 2
See what I'm tryna Tryna tell these people out here man is basically... what y?all need to do is study islam right now you know what I'm sayin'... ya?all need to get knee deep in y?all books please believe...
Juss Ride to this/ I got alil something else I need to speak to y?all about ok... so keep ya mind together here we go baby (aight aight)]]

Whatever is clever (it) ain't always the best way to go /better wit cheddar
I/n on my money now look at the road / for the words I wright for the words you wright when I comes just watch it go flow /when the bird comes tight till it comes to the light then you know that I got the sow
Enemies I'm comin' when it come to tipsy toe /we come we around the corner with no Warner and no gol /we slip up in the party like we shrimp up on the barby
So every body know /that we commin in the door slow down no they don't know
I hold crown /listen to the shotgun go blow /yeah shit sounds so profound
Have you saying he still got it /I still got it you clown/ I came down to rock
Y?al suckaz (suckaz) / keeping my eyes open lookin' out for my brothas
Smother you with the love (it) the best of it's kind/I rock house-parties barmitsfaz /the internets mine/one time

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