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Personal Freak

This song is by Bizzy Bone.

(Adina Howard)
Yeah ... ooh yeah ... yeah ...

(Bizzy Bone)
Adina come hurt me certainly I'm worth the control don't pitty dirty don't you hurt me with a sexy united tongue in protection and the lesson that you'll 'fess when you hit it to get it dirty girly you're strong with the tongue gonna get run up and then cum. but if it's on, wussup? but if you don't realize, right, right. Got me be numb then let me get in from behind ya get it from Bryon ah feelin' we're hot enough but I'm lost in love

(Adina Howard)
Freaky's what they used to call me everybody that I knew they say I wasn't a lady cause girls don't say I wanna freak with you baby I can't deny the fact that maybe I'm a little wild It's you I wanna freak tonight so I can wake up in the morning with a smile nobody

(Hook) (Adina Howard)
Nobody baby only you is who I wanna be my personal freak nobody else wanted you to know I wanna take the time to make you mine

(Adina Howard)
A lady's how you make me feel with a great big smile up on my face sometimes I think I'm nothin' else but to put you tight into my place sweety boy don't mistake me for another I'm a lady from my inside out it's you I wanna do tonight you're the only one I think about nobody

(Bizzy Bone)
A little thug'll get you chokin baby see if you can fade me is you crazy little lady but lately anticipated your timing you'll be mine and fine and steady be Rhine is you right to lie beside me well bye bye right come on it's on come on get strong then I promise that I'll sing along am I wrong fin to roll out oh no what I seen what I saw and it's daily y'all

(Adina Howard)
Tell me what you wanna do (I'll be ********** you need baby) nobody else can treat ya like I do
Nobody baby on

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