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Lets Get It On

This song is by Bizzy Bone.

-Bizzy Bone-
(Sho' Nuff) Can ya feel me? Yes they can! (Feel me nigga) (We flippin on them muthafuckin Bone Clones). Let's get it on nigga (Uh)

-Bizzy Bone-
My word is Bone and I heard you callin/You bitches I'm ready ta bomb, y'all do what you want/But you to coward to be down in person, lay on a version, on this socom bitch/Headstomp nigga fuck! Naw cross my clique and then O bitch, where the guard?, when they called in the parkin lot, talkin' about 'Nigga lets make some shit'/Bitch stop!, we niggas with balls and countys and Jags and Benz's, so ready for war/Be some enemies, it make no sense to be freinds/My army Mo Thug, Bone Thug 'n' Harmony/Put 'em in the dirt if you workin and if you worthless you gets hurt/Hear my, swore he the real physchopath ass pass cash/Had his hand in his pocket like you had a gun he ain't got no strap, Word!/Lil Mystikal always trippin', nigga I know its fiction and that's really absurd/You interested like one of them bitches and father you punk bitch/You ain't Bone/Then why you already told on them usual funeral, Crucial can't clone/Let's get it on nigga...

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