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I Understand

This song is by Bizzy Bone, features Big B and appears on the album Alpha And Omega (2004).

Chorus : (those that love me if ya letme I'd understand, made some bad decisions in my life I understand, raise my right hand up to god right where I stand, ima go get stronger return a better man.)

Yah better believe it, yah seen me how we creeped up outta cleveland, get yah money
Babay if not I'm gonna break even I won't let yah play me your game ain't even seasin it's that thuggish ruggish bone I hope you know let it be the reason see it creepin' baby but wut are you really seekin' are you weak don't believe in me believe in Jesus ima freak but baby that's for life 'n' not a weekend goin' deep n I can go deeper then her, half breed roc the mic to survive n I might not make it out alive I'm spittin' to save muh life tryin' to make it right welcome to the world that we live and all that I did was crawl out the slum for my kids so rest in peace to lil eazy but ur paper work was sleazy and the black widow was horny baby was gettin' greedy my boys is supposed to be watchin my back load up the guns 'n' lets attack for but ain't nobody tryin' to feel me but stack (flesh 'n' bone).

Gotta make my money baby nobody is gonna stop me I'm fillin him up with that hot bithcbullets all in yo body better watch me wicked posse (hey) automatic shotguns half of these rappers talkin' ain't none of 'em ever pop one, lil kid frum south field who woulda thought that I make it and the people ain't behind me my family gotta fake it's that thuggish ruggish ruggish frum columbus 'n' this is the way we play spread ur rumors I just love it, do it all day everyday, ride to the rhythm of the nigga with the pen and the pad now and I know you feel me I done been that done that run that won that comin' around let me kill 'em with or let me kill 'em with all of the sound every city every little bitty town
Ain't nobody wanna break me down nobody gonna take me down east 1999 has been abandoned cleveland they show me love they still wonderin how I made it up outta the fam n (gotta) believe it baby baby shoulda listened to my people still runnin' frum demons 'n' evil

I'm sick of the drama sick of havin' beef with my momma 'n' beef with my sisters my brother got murdered over marijuana blistery winners strugglin hustlin all of my life I'm watchin my back they already tried to murder me twice I smoked the herb that I like I never done coke in my life n y would I lie 'n' if I did it I'd tell entertainment tonight ain't no slackin' in my mack it ain't no shame in the game it ain't no slippinin 'n' the pimpin' it ain't no crack on the brain you gotta be jealous of me 'n' my fellas either wut they tell us sell us anything we helpless gimmy a little bit back 'n' help us we strugglin jugglin rebelin hustlin thuggin' up in the club no one to talk to you step on his shoes you bout to get punched up fuck pappa he was a rolley when his pockets are ah swollen he met the dope man 'n' now he on the block askin who told them sellin frum soap man 'n' that's for the times you played me old man this is your son with a blunt and a gun check out my slow jamz

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