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This song is by Bizzy Bone and appears on the album The Midwest Cowboy (2006).

Praise Jesus (quiet on the set)
One time baby
In the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit, amen
(Let's get this money, baby)
In the name of our lord and saviour, Jesus Christ, baby
(Yeah boy, hehe, chase the cat productions in the house)
Let's get this money baby
(Playalitical on the track)
One time baby
One time baby
(Bizzy bone, the midwest cowboy, bone thugs)

As we travel around the world,
Stacking that paper, stacking that paper,
And tell me what's really, really, real good,
I keep it popping, so these haters coming to hate us
(Get off, get off)

I can answer you quicker than them,
Shall I begin keeping my mouth closed, keeping my mouth closed,
I don't chase when they fucking with me,
You don't fuck with me when I'm down and out though, when I'm down and out though,
I keep a map and they jealous of me,
They're jealousy is no doubt y'all, no doubt y'all,
And looking for something, they want to attack,
Pushing 'em back, knocking 'em out cold, knocking 'em out cold,
What do you want from me, they don't want your dreams, they want reality,
They get up inside your head, you tell 'em "I'm dead" I tell 'em "get outta b",
Will they try to rob me, in the direction we chill,
I'm only moving by the grace of the lord, it's god's will,
Huh, go get that vital money, foreal,
They better not fuck with us, we get 'em honey, what the deal,
They go the other testing, mic checker, dipping skill,
For somebody dippin in fluids baby, I don't want nothing but liquor and beer,
Listening into the hearts of a bizzy, apart of me, time to grow,
And if you don't me now, what do I know bout myself, I'm taking it slow,
Admit it, I'm a little bit different than others,
I'll tell you the story I know 'bout the church and you my brother, you my brother

If kid you was fighting me, fighting behind me, give me some money or give me some change,
Steadily working to keep it moving, if it was grooving, I'd do it again,
What I don't know... this place to be playing, and treating the knowledge,
Don't weak up the rhyme and they probably think that I'm crazy,
My brain will be running, I'm coming to die, my,
Come in a time, medical federal, what is known, don't have to be spoken,
Do it congruently, making the music so truly,
I'm keeping it moving and leaving the secrets of picking,
And moving in silence, evidently I don't want no bentley, baby,
I'm keeping it quiet, roll out, they start a riot, no now,
Baby, don't even try it, no doubt, picking up his diet to get the mission with precision,
As the superstition set aside, showdown,
I smoke the chronic, baby, peace release me is mine, is mine,
... Don't play baby, (I stay in this muthafucka)
And better don't play baby, (gonna go get a beer)
Handle your business and diminish the thoughts,
The elevation of survival when it's vital, the rock, (the rock)
Dedication of the love for myself, the love for my wealth,
The love for my stealth, the love of everybody else,
And I'm coming to meet that little baby, you staying on top,
You know what we do baby, solid as a muthafuckin rock

And don't even worry when we scurry up in the flurry,
It's getting blurry in the stormy of the purgatory, the thought for me,
Wanna eat with the angels, be patient, still wait for the party baby,
What party, I party, you and your body, baby,
Right here, right now, get 'em up when they get down,
Shake thoughts, don't ever get caught, now let me pray now,
In the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit, amen,
In the name of our lord and saviour, Jesus Christ, amen,
You better believe it, I will say it again, (Jesus!)
From this day forth, god willing,
Lean back chilling, precious medal of steel, titanium,
Nine percent of the cranium, baby you feel me,
No adultery, dultery, when I see-ee, I see-ee, we kill em,
Stay dry for me daddy, baby, sunset,
Come get a taste of what you never had, you ain't come yet,
When we raise up the one, yes, poppa he guide you,
Standing right beside you, in the midst of the storm,
Baby I ride with you, never die, not in spirit,
It can't get much fucking clearer, did you hear it,

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