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Kung Fu

This song is by Biz Markie and appears on the album I Need a Haircut (1991).

Once about a time there was a kid
Who didn't have a bicycle or a car that skid
Only thing he had was Pat and Turner
He didn't know the future but the lesson to learn-ah
Way to get started in the music biz
Just listen to the story as I tell it like it is
I was a youngster from East Junior High School
Who thought somebody with Adidas sweat-shirt was cool
It symbolized somethin', but I don't know
I wanted to be down really really bad so
I asked one of my best friends Derek Mangareu
"C'mon man can I be down can I be down witcha crew?"
He had one by the name of Masters of Control
I wanted to be down, so I could play the role
He said, "No you're not good enough we have ours Mark"
I went home and sat in the room with no lights in the dark
And this is gonna be a rough rendezvous
And that's why I sing this song to you

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