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This song is by Bitch and Animal and appears on the album Sour Juice and Rhyme (2003).

World trade center center of the sky
Oh looming phallic destiny
Running slave ships on the side
Did you fall cause chaos came
Or are you chaos with another name

You tried to build power
Out of steel and glass
And then got it knocked down
On its ass
You lured the peple there
With your corporate sneer and cheer
And the people all went in
American dreams got built on fear

And now the smoke is all we see crawling corpses over our city
The planes are in my hair
I can't even make a phone call
From up here
The smoke is rising
And flags are too
Propaganda prop your hands up
Good and evil goo
And the citizens are encouraged to pray
But two hands together
Never made slaves not slaves

And the robot president
Blinks three times
In between his booze and lines
He says were going to win
Win what?
Hypocrites are bloody in their guts

Now all five boroughs are watching
Dust and dying floating up
From the bottom of manhattan
It's my generation growing up

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