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Towers of Disillusion

This song is by Birth of Depravity and appears on the album The Coming of the Ineffable (2012).

High above they gaze down upon an undeserving caste
Unwilling slaves - we think we are heard
Too bad we've all been had
Our real interests ignored
Left behind and below
Behind and below
From towers above they piss on us all
Demand compliance to their decrees
High agenda must guide
Kneel down to masters and bite your tongue
Bow down and eat shit
Mountains of skeletal corpses pile
Foundations for those above - Towers of the corrupt
Structures cast shadows upon the bottom class
Starve and rot furthermore - The middle slowly removed
Screams echo silence as cries go unheard
Worthless, mute tools of the ascended few
Shake the foot of this structure
May your silence be soundly heard
From below

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