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Misconceived Superiority

This song is by Birth of Depravity and appears on the album The Coming of the Ineffable (2012).

These victims do not judge
They do not calculate
Nor determine their actions by name
Man's false sense of supremacy a reversal of these traits
A misconception that man is superior
Thus inherent the right to extract suffering from beings deemed inferior
Defenseless towards ill will inflicted upon them
From a higher step of evolution
Advanced ideals should reflect respect
Regard for all forms of being
Effigies of creatures slain
Morbid thoughts of malice - Not of human or less
A monster -- a freak
A contemptible being deserving their victims' fate
Intolerable acts of hate only human beings have ability to display
Advanced mechanics of pain
No animal tortures and mistreats
Traits of blessed humanity
Humanity inhumane
Unspeakable cruelty purely of man's design
Viciousness that comes hand in hand with being a creature evolved

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