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Enslaved in Somnium

This song is by Birth of Depravity and appears on the album The Coming of the Ineffable (2012).

Dreams sacrificed by staunch of mental growth repetition ingrains
Stand in line -- stamped and signed
Push play and set in repeat
Processed from inception into a form of unimaginative being
Programming walls
Enslaved -- enthralled
Hypnotized, mind numbs in cubicles
Reiterate to dull the edge
Free-thinking contained
We are not meant to have our minds confined by restrictions of nine to five
Stagnant life to which resigned from cradle to the grave
Uninspired vision of reality
Tones of grey -- misery
In confines no growth for creativity
Feel the strain and obey accepted consciousness
No! - Awake
Do not disturb existence of walking slumber
Lives reduced to perpetual sleep
Ill design - prevent waking inspiration
Recycled teachings sedate
Subjugate - manipulate
Do not think to speculate
Awake and be deemed a threat
Dare to challenge set ways of the mundane
Or be tied in chains of conventional thought
Trapped inside a box
Escape -- create

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