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Enormous Voracity

This song is by Birth of Depravity and appears on the album The Coming of the Ineffable (2012).

Enormous voracity of minority bloodline
Global oligarchy passed down since times of old from father to son
Lineage of supposed aristocracies
These lines of filthy worms dominate this earth through history untold Devoid of values
Indignant of their own race
Hateful of us all
Their only desire to rule and control the total of all human lives
Hidden are books of ancient times - Knowledge unknown
Torn apart from our souls -- Denied
Contact with nature lost
We become easily controlled
Raised in institutes to believe indoctrinated fact
Ideologies constrict esoteric freedom to construct a limited world of fantasy
In mass lead to shed self-appreciation
Social dangers are all who disobey
Techniques of fear nurture man's hate and corruption
Masters demanded to goad -- An illusion of ego
Choking on enormous voracity of filthy bastards
Blind fanaticism keeps humanity in check
Freedom voraciously denied

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