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Developed Mass Insanity

This song is by Birth of Depravity and appears on the album The Coming of the Ineffable (2012).

Global state of mind set by ideas and rules
Design of corrupt select few
Maliciously develop man's inner self into self-destructive disease
Limit views and notions - Curb free thought
Narrow perception - Thus lead unto suffering
Since childhood developed
Giving birth to emotional asphyxiation
Nurturing the sense of being insecure
Innocence is lost in the process of growing up
Living amongst the scum of this world
Mentalities are built in all types of societies
Through imitation of human nature

Images, behaviours and beliefs seep into our sub-consciousness
Yield results dependent on what each experience brings
Our character combined with our convictions
Hereditary infectious folly
Inherit mind disease
Imitate negative behaviourisms
Pass on misperceptions
Interaction - Loss of trust
Eye for an eye - All against all
Greed for the kill
Abandon our humanity
Insanity grows transmitted between us all
Thousands of years under one rule with changing forms
In our betrayed society

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