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Speed Of Blood

This song is by Binary Park and appears on the album Worlds Collide (2011).

I feel the speed of blood
I feel the heat of your skin
And when the music starts to play
I feel my world come crashing in

I see the look in your eyes
I know the depth of your sin
And if I say I need you now
It's just adrenaline

Hey hey hey, I've lived another day too slow
Hey hey hey, I've seen a better way to go
Well well well, we have to realise, open our eyes and say
Yeah yeah yeah, it's time to mobilise, hit the skies and take on the world

I feel the force of this life
I feel the beat of my heart
And when my pulse starts to race
I can feel it coming apart

I know your kind of girl
I know the games that you play
But when you start your pretty show
I can't tear myself away

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