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My Angel

This song is by Binary Park and appears on the album Worlds Collide (2011).

Don't disappear, you belong with us
Without the malos, just the rust
Stay the night with mortal men
I won't have to pretend again

Walk with me from sea to sea
We'll flee like love's refugees
Lay with me, just another hour
I can bask in your power

I am with you in your fear
I am with you in your dreams
I am with you in the dark
When you've lost your self-esteem

So don't bend me, I'll break at the seams
And don't fail me, don't shatter all my dreams

Slip away, I'll be with you
Try to run, I'll forgive you
Rest your head, don't think of home
That's a place, we've both outgrown

Keep your feet on this lowly earth
Not worthy of your heavenly birth
As long as you're here, I will pray
That you find a way to stay

My little angel, I woke up without you
Now end this joke, I'll never doubt you
My little angel, I still can't find you
Did my bright love, nearly blind you?

My little angel, where have you gone?
Do all stars vanish, once they've shone?
My little angel, where have you gone?
Could it be I've been so wrong?

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