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When Tony Goes Over the Top

This song is by Billy Murray and appears on the compilation Over There! (2011).

Hey! You know Tony the Barber
Who shaves and cuts a the hair
He said skabooch, to his Mariooch
He's gonna fight "Over There"
Hey! You know how Tony could shave you
He'd cut you from ear to ear
I just got a letter from Tony
And this is what I hear

When Tony goes over the top
He no think of the barber shop
He grab-a-da gun and chase-a da hun
And make 'em all run like a son-of-a-gun
You can bet your life he'll never stop

When Tony goes over the top
Keep your eyes on that fighting wop
With a fire in his eyes
He'll capture the Kais'
He don't care if he dies
When Tony goes over the top

Hey! What a you call them-a follow
What fly away up in the air
Dy hum and a-hum and drop-a da bomb
Then fly away like he don't care
Well, Tony he fight that a fellow
He bring-a down five in one place
Now Tony's a regular hero
They call him Italian Ace

When Tony flies over the top
Then something must take the flop
He cuts their hands he cuts their feet
Then he cut off the their _____ of _____
He fights like a great big Irish pop called wop

When Tony flies over the top
The clown squints he call air Pop
I'm a son of a gun ___ come put the whole war on a ____
When Tony goes over the top

Hey what are you talking, make it a-stop
Tony a-loses his barber shop
Loses his _____ loses the tips
To make the fight for his _____
He eats the garlic then he decides
The Kai's has smelled it and then he's gonna dies
With a rope of spagett
And-a big-a-stilette
He'll make-a the Germans sweat
When Tony goes over the top

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