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Always Leave Them Laughing When You Say Goodbye

This song is by Billy Murray.

My dad would never preach to me,
In fact he'd never teach to me
The different things that I should do
When I'd be here and there.
In fact he said so "Go on alone.
You have ideas of your own.
You'll never lose if you will use
The others fair and square."
That's just as far as he'd advise
Until one day to my surprise
I went to sat that I was going to to other lands to live
And as I went to say goodbye
He saw a teardrop in my eye
Said he, "My lad, ah, that's too bad.
I've some advice to give.

Always leave them laughing when you say goodbye.
Never linger long about or else you'll wear your welcome out.
When you meet a fellow with a tear-dimmed eye,
You can leave him laughing if you try.
When he tells his troubles interrupt him with a joke.
Tell him one he's never heard and he'll declare that it's a bird.
When he's giggling good you know
That's the time to turn and go
Always leave them laughing when you say goodbye"

Everyone was laughing when a band went by
In the band I played a drum,
Of course, I played it on the bum.
Rockefeller heard the band and said "by-guy!
That's the best I ever heard and that's no lie."
He said "I'm going to bid your instrument with money now"
He filled the instrument, by kills, with yellow fifty dollar bills.
I was the lobster of the band.
I held the drumstick in my hand,
And everyone was laughing when he said "goodbye".

Everyone was laughing as this gay went by
His whiskers on his chin were brown
I think he came from Perrytown
He stopped to watch a cable car as it flew by
Without a halt it seemed to --
He walked out to the track to see just how this thing would work
His eye down to the ground he got his whiskers in the cable clock
The cable caught his whiskers, see, and he went through the battery
Everyone was laughing when he said goodbye

Everyone was laughing as the car flew by
The fat man he was trying to fit into a space he wouldn't fit
Sitting right beside him was a real thin guy
The fat man had his elbow in his eye
The thin man looked and said "They aught to charge us by our weight"
Cause fatty when they do, they'll never stop at all for you."
Squeezed his was as he went in
Squeezed the thin man into him
And everyone was laughing as he said goobye

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