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This song is by Billy Kain.

Billy Kain Verse

U betta take calculated steps/These streets cold
Play your position nigga/Know ya role

Don't get mixed up with these triflin ass hos/They
Playin' games tryna get to ya dough shit

Mastermind we laid this shit out Game Breed entertainment hottest label in the south yeah

Mr S550 got Qualione Rick Rock and Lil Chris wit me/Shit ain't take long to lock the city

Them niggas hate but I know them niggas feel me
Stacks on deck ARs and Mack Milli's

When them niggas started slackin' we was outchea
Tryna get it yeah/Now they mad now they

Mad uh mean ass hustle/That's all I ever had ima Businessman/(What you said?)

I said ima businessman and I'm chasin this bread

Ima Businessman/I handle business if I start it ima finish/Let god be my Witness/Ima Businessman I paid my dues

Always been a winner I ain't tryna Lose/Cause ima businessman. 2x

Billy Kain Verse

I want the finer things in life/Gotta hustle for mine 40 Gs for this watch can't b wastin my tim

That's y you all washed up you ain't bout what u b talkin' bout/Businessmen stick and move they in and out

Yeah and you betta come clean from your shoes 2 ur shirt 2 ur jeans/Billion dollar dreams so the hustle never stop

Never mix business with pleasure your shit gone flop/U pussys talk alot lose lips sank ships

If its mine then I want it I deserve it/Cowards get murdered/But Ion know about no murders got a business to run and you crackas make me nervous

Billy Kain Verse

Keep a cool head I'm tryna do that/I make sure it fall through I ain't tryna turn back

You shop wit me Quarantee you comin' back/Customer satisfaction how you love that

Don't b talkin' all recless 'cause my phones taped/The ends justify the means you just yip yap

Get to the point I ain't got time for the chit chat/U want a show 10 Gs uh getchu 20 back

6gs uh getchu Billy Kain on a Track/I'm on the road handlin Business hater where you at

Shit you better ask about me can't assassinate my character I'm at the bank and I'm laughin' ima businessman/.Businessman

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