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Perfectamundo (2015)

Billy Gibbons - Perfectamundo


  • (as Billy Gibbons and the BFG's)
  1. Got Love If You Want It
  2. Treat Her Right
  3. You're What's Happenin', Baby
  4. Sal Y Pimiento
  5. Pickin' Up Chicks on Dowling Street
  6. Hombre Sin Nombre
  7. Quiero Mas Dinero
  8. Baby Please Don't Go
  9. Piedras Negras
  10. Perfectamundo
  11. Q-Vo

The Big Bad Blues (2018)

Billy F Gibbons - The Big Bad Blues

The Big Bad Blues

  1. Missin' Yo' Kissin'
  2. My Baby She Rocks
  3. Second Line
  4. Standing Around Crying
  5. Let the Left Hand Know
  6. Bring It to Jerome
  7. That's What She Said
  8. Mo' Slower Blues
  9. Hollywood 151
  10. Rollin' and Tumblin'
  11. Crackin' Up

Additional information

Artist information:

  • b.1949
  • Instruments: vocals, guitar

Real name:

Billy Gibbons is a performance name for William Frederick Gibbons.

Also known as:

Billy F Gibbons

Years active:

1967 -

Billy Gibbons is a member of:

  • ZZ Top
  • Billy Gibbons & The BFGs

Billy Gibbons was a member of:


Record labels:

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