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Now They Call It Swing

This song is by Billie Holiday and appears on the album The Quintessential Billie Holiday Volume 5, 1937-1938 (1989) and on the album Early Classics (1992).

Once they called it ragtime
And it had its fling
It's the same old syncopation
Now they call it swing

Then they played it jazz time
To a buck-and-wing
Once again it sweeped the nation
Now they call it swing

When singers used to sing
They would go hot cha
But with this modern thing
Now they go dru-du du, dra-da-da

Rhythm has its seasons
Summer, fall and spring
But for seven silly reasons
Someone pulled the string
And they started dancing
Now they call it swing


Written by:

W. Hirsch / Vaughn DeLeath / N. Cloutier / L. Handman

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