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Wide Awake With Orphan Eyes (Mirror Ball Moon)

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album The Power & The Glory (2011).

Poor kid's wound... opening up...
Under a big sky town
Air to breathe...
Space to fall down
Yeah, the wind has a voice...
You came to adore
And about that wound?
Well, I'm to blame for...

And it costs so much...
It costs so much
To keep it all hid

Wide awake with your orphan eyes
Blinking wondrous in the Autumn light
That passes right through you
Standing by a barbed wire fence
At the scene of the accident
And your skies are cobalt blue
And your skies are cobalt blue

Faith, she's a woman...
And to her I am bound
Honey, I'll treat you well...
Considerin' what I drag around

It was nearing Christmas...
When you bade it all goodbye
I know those loneliness songs
Are gonna need a bigger sky
It's a far cry from the backyard...
Of laughter and cartoons
To winter that glazes everything...
Under a mirror ball moon

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