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War Wound (Seeing For The First Time)

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album Circa (2007).

Wrote a letter to myself you might call it a way of checkin' in
Love can turn against you and leave you stranded in the wind
And it's bracing this whole endeavor
Wish you had two dimes to rub together
You take leave of your senses just in time to stagger back to the house
And you got into a jam and connections well they started going south
Your heart's the purse sure enough
You play your hand but you'd better learn to bluff
If there are battles to be fought if there were hills I needed to die on
Hey I surrender all 'cause when it's war baby you've already won
And the treasures you thought would last
Well there's no vault to hold them fast
Take a drink gonna steal a kiss
Honey it's yours without clinched fist
And this diner is a church and the priest he says your order's up
And you're baptized in the neon and the coffee is your communion cup
Pick up the check and be gone
The old jukebox is a carillon
And the dream is what they sell you
And the risk well there's some things they don't tell you
I am seeing for the first time and darling I hope it ain't my last
There were roadblocks that I sped through there were signs I just ran right past
Did I show you my war wound dear
Did I tell you the bullet's still there
Well all the songs you wrote the bits and pieces and the sullied parts
Didn't they tell you there are no guarantees just the promised breaking of your heart
And that faith you used to shout
Poor kid what the hell was that about
I am lost beneath a streetlight standing by this naked patch of ground
And my heart is full of weeds and there is something like barbed wire all around
And the change is always too spare
And you vanish into thin air
Here's the bait there's the switch
You are one failed magic trick


Written by:

Bill Mallonee

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