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Tryin' To Walk It Off

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album WPA Vol. 12 Songs For The Journey & Beyond (2012).

Baby, we all wind up here
By many paths no doubt
And me? well, I just sorta stumbled in
To see what all the fuss was about
Some God-forsaken watering hole
They called the Poison Well
(It was) one more round after one more round
Of anything that they'd sell...

Cause, you know when you are thirsty
You'll drink every drop
Then you can spend a lifetime
Just trying to walk it off

Now there'll be hats you'll have to try on
Ah, maybe a conscience to dismiss
Smiles you'll have to fake
And so many asses to kiss
And there'll demons you gotta stare down
As you pass through glitterin' door
So many faces that you'll have to wear
Till you won't know which one is yours

Now the judge, he turned up missing
And the jury well it's in doubt
And since the hangman's on vacation
I took the gold and got out
'Cause we all wind up in here
By many paths no doubt
I just sorta stumbled in to see
What all the fuss was about...


  • Written by Bill Mallonee

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