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Tokyo Rose

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album My Year In Review (1995).

This song has been covered by Vigilantes Of Love under the title "Tokyo Rose".
Well am I defecting
Well I don't know
Fell under the spell
Yeah of tokyo rose
All those hot nights in the jungle
With the rockets red glare
I heard all of those bombs
Yeah they were everywhere

Come and check out my condition
Honey I'm in love with your transmission
I waited up for you every night
I hear your voice and my jungle's bright

I once bought a magic marker
The kind with permanent ink
I wrote down all my bad thoughts
I've got 'em all I think
In every bathroom stall
On every vacant wall
Highly classified information
Yeah I exposed it all

Everybody wants
To be unopposed
We leave the straight and narrow
For the lowest of roads
We all need somebody
To lie to us I suppose
That's why everybody needs
Yeah a tokyo rose

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