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Tobacco Sunburst

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album Circa (2007).

Well it seemed so unprotected there
She was beautiful he waved to the people standing there
The caddy it slows down and from up and out of nowhere
Heartache lines up into your crosshairs
Cartridges give way to prayers and then
The monitors all flatline and the paper hits the stands
It's a dram to take the edge off of the curse
You chase it down with tobacco sunburst
You step into the light growing dimmer with each night
Words are flesh on your bones and all that just to say
We're all underneath God's starlight
A little high to keep the stage fright more or less at bay
And you grasp for coins and find that they're all spent
Under the less-than-benevolent gaze of your darker elements
It's a dram to take the edge off of the curse
You get it done with tobacco sunburst
And you step into the dark across the street to a nearby park
To a bench carved by lovers that keeps calling my name
And I talk to mary alice who's now living in a palace
Waiting for our lucky day
When all your hands of God reveal your lack
Still you're all shiny and new just like jack's cadillac
It's a dram to take the edge off of the curse
You drive it home with tobacco sunburst


Written by:

Bill Mallonee

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