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Tim (For Joshua)

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album Hit And Run (2005).

Now the lake was all sun cast until the storm came up
Maybe Athens Georgia never promised you enough
Yeah and I remember your smile the one that held so much
It's the curse of youth to be so well in touch

And your eyes were a lake
Where the wind was never still
And your heart was a sky
Waiting to be filled

Half-truth explanations from today's vending machines
And the boxes you put all your loose things in hell they've been lost at sea
Where sorrow is a diver who keeps coming up alone
And sorrow is a father at the end of a cell phone

Grief she holds you captive in a well as dark as night
And that ladder of composure you built all day crumbles in a certain slant of light
And it's leaving you reduced while you try to catch your breath
And every tear we cry for our lost loves is really for ourselves

No poison there to infect you now no secrets to erase
No need to do anything at all except to be embraced
And you're all warm and dry there inside a blanket called the truth
And there'll be no more rain falling through your roof

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