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Till They Cry Out

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album Stolen Kisses & Other Thefts (2006).

Well look over there just past the stones in the riverbed
Those sunset rivulets well they beckon me to come
The guardrail's all twisted it's rusting ribbons and memories and then
Followed by the plunge

Secrets are the things that you keep inside
Till they cry out

Back down the way down the dirt road a little bit
Was the blind curve that she missed
Radio was loud and I remember thinking
In her condition it was all too fast for the girl
And ten miles over the limit it makes all the difference in the world

I must have died forty times or more
In an effort to free her from that jam-locked door
Car bolt upright and descends rapidly diminishing oxygen
And I can still hear screaming

I could still catch myself cold sweat waking up with a shout
And wondering why the hell she wouldn't pull up the lock
Me I got out
What you don't know can kill you killing's never very far
And the dead are always more alive than you think they are


  • Written by Bill Mallonee

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