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The Sad Parade

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the EP Lower Case (2008).

Far too much to explain
Rain falling on the sad parade
And time is swinging like a willow
The strain of what's just out of reach
Those stains of coronation speech
Are sleeping on a velvet pillow
The card lay in your vest you pocketed the best
We all vanish less impressed in the end we always lose
You're the man with many hats you traded this for that
Yeah but only unequivocally when you had to
He's a face that's just a prayer away it's true
He's the traveler in the sad parade with you
You could think you're long over past due
But you're wrong yeah you're wrong you're spot on
Sure there were mines to be stripped
Talk about a perfect fit
And diamonds are hard to find and follow
Behind the doors of dark romance
The medicine of the last chance
And burgundy and pills are hard to swallow
The river boats don't change
Clientele is never tame
These lives they're falling like the leaves of late autumn
THey clutch their truth like drink
Trigger fingers never blink
And those eyes that are rolling and speaking great volumes
Yeah and I am sitting in this room
On every hill there is a fool
And my conscience it's the lurking shadow
Of a hangman that I haven't met
A lovely uniformed cadet
Those killing fields never lying fallow
And if I lose this skin
And gain a heart of wisdom
I would carve it deep into this flesh of clay and mud
This room is growing dimmer
Should I fix myself some dinner
Surely it's all got to be more than sugar in the blood


Written by:

Bill Mallonee

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