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The Ghosts That I Run With

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album The Power & The Glory (2011).

I've been hiding in these hills
For a long, long time
Among the sun and the rocks and the wind
A lot time to do me some thinkin'
About how all this got started
About where ya' going... and where ya' been
You might think I'd let 'em
Put the shackles on my hands
But the ghosts that I run with
Honey, they got other plans

My get-away was fantastic
And my heart was all a-raptured
Shook off all their dogs
I eluded every capture
When my parachute it opened wide
I still see blue sky in my dreams
Now it's mysteries left unsolved
On your TV

No, it ain't how mama raised me
And it ain't what daddy did
It ain't what the preacher
Taught me at all;
So, it coulda been the drugs
It coulda been religion
Coulda been the voices
That made me feel small

Now, here's what happens to you
When you commit the perfect crime
When I say what's yours is mine
And it all gets tragic
Here's what happens to you
When you come face to face
Ya' disappear without a trace...
Without a trace

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