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Table For Two

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album Locket Full Of Moonlight (2002).

Just how did this start
This breaking of our hearts
Or anything anymore
That beats true
The transitions are forced
I'm drowning in remorse
The awkward silences
Are a tragic novel
The things that we once said
Like the vows that kept us from walking
Up there next to God
Was that just two dumb kids talking
One more voice I'll only hear
On your phone machine
One person who's getting free
And another casualty
We're so close we can touch
God how I'd love to
We're a million miles apart
At my table for two
Finished the coffee in your cup
Just after you went
Pressed my lips upon that lipstick stain
Babe it was a sacrament
One thousand little tugs
At a heartstring you once pulled
Like the smell of your perfume my love
And our little rituals
You're deep inside my skin
Like the ink in my tattoo
But we're a million miles apart
At my table for two
And the seasons they keep changing
And the world spins so unsure
There's only so much rearranging
You can do with the furniture
In these motel rooms of autumn
And the shadows are getting longer
And the grave is the last room
We all check out of


Written by:

Bill Mallonee

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