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Second Guessing

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album Friendly Fire (2005).

It's been a while I'll grant you that
Old habits die a violent death
And just what else would you expect?
When some have nothing to protect

Oh to crucify the self
With all these dim illusions
Confusion to be reckoned with
A point to counter counterfeit

Let's go up on the roof tonight
And let the starlight burn so bright
Beneath your skin I'm in
I'm instant messaging

One day we'll gladly put away
All that leads to second guessing
Stumble hard under the curse
And pray for this old universe
Pray for this old universe

Yes your secret's safe with me
As safe as safe could ever be
Innocence is the only art
It's broken keys for broken hearts

Let's go out for a drive tonight
Radio? the backdrop
To the soundtrack deep within
I'm instant messaging

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