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It's the blues again and there's just no getting around it
Whatever colors you were hoping to find well the darker shades have drowned it
Get out of here and the check out time is always rushed
The paint and the chrome are starting to rust out here on your highway

And the face of fate never gave you the brush off glance
Whatever makes you radiant shines deeper than you know
But that ledge you walked in the dark was so uncertain
And you can never gauge when the wind will rage and if that fall's gonna leave you hurting

Life's always a lesson it's a new one at every turning
Life's always a lesson I'm not so good at learning them
Especially the big one about letting go
But I'll learn that one too if I don't have to let go of you

Too much about me I fall into this trap
Only God's thunderclap could ever save me now
Honey you're about the best thing I've ever laid my eyes on it's true
You're the silver around my blue too much about me now what about you

When the dark veil that separates this world from the next
Falls over my grey eyes and I sleep the sleep of death
Sometimes they got to pry loose the last thing that your hands hold
Honey that'll be your heart and the kindness you bestowed

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