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Rearview Mirror

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album Locket Full Of Moonlight (2002).

Starts at that place near the lake of tears
It's at that part of your throat where the lump first appears
We've been taming the world with an old tweed amp
But it snarls at your tent just as you're breaking camp
So we drove all the night but we're not any nearer
Now the sun's coming up in your rearview mirror
God I miss my wife and I miss my kids
And those little ways you die just to live through this
You're all writing your chapters with swagger and flair
And I'd love to read them ah but I'm not there
Well there will be no medals won't get a crown
For this little thing you picked up you can't put down
You've been spending what you have to pay all your dues
For this thing that you love takes me farther from you
It's always the sound of a lonesome guitar
Under cool autumn sky under solitary star
Yeah it's all that stuff a child's faith believes
They say all the rivers they run to the sea
So here's to the joy and no regrets
What with all of these dear friends and loved ones we've met
And I'm so bad at the math when counting the costs
You just go where you will under the sign of the cross


Written by:

Bill Mallonee

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