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This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album Permafrost (2006).

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Well there's an empty space it's the place at the table
Where we would start each day
If I could quit shaking long enough
I could almost hear you say
Oh my love oh my love

Yeah I wanted to get for you just a small gift
But all my pocket change was taken
Then I wanted to become for you your favorite gift
Then my heart got close to breaking

Tear it all down tear it all down
What's there left to say
Tear it all down tear it all down
Turn around and walk away
Walk away

It's a flimsy reason at best but a reason's a reason none the less
And I need one to hold on to this wheel
And if I hold my breath long enough
Honey a kiss is what I want to steal

Through the lies of facts that we marshall to attack
Each other's wounded little hearts
And then comes the hard sell you try to make to yourself
But kid you know it's your own fault

Yeah and for all that you learn you're still a sad piece of work
And there's just no getting around
The world's just victims and we're playing fast and loose
But now you know the real truth

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