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Punk Rock's Dead

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album Friendly Fire (2005).

Punk rock died the day the first kid said
Punk ain't dead
Sure it is kid and winter's cutting bait
And California dreamin' won't abate
Put your baseball cap right dude
Your momma didn't raise no fool

Skip a few doses of the prozac
Find some public pool and lie out there in the sunshine
For hours on your back
Grow your hair long
Free weights will get you strong
And as you turn the page you will notice
Her coming of age

'Cause you're both new and clean
She's the brown girl with the smell of chlorine

Cut the hang nose of your internet
Try and squelch control your mom and dad's
Last night knock-down-drag-out argument
Sure it makes you mad and it's sad
But kid you've not been had
Hell we grow up too fast in this millennium
And that girl could use a friend

Turn off your it's so boring out here in the suburbs
Kid your dead-ends are no deader
Than anyone whose gone before you
'Cause summer's your time of dreaming
Don't you ever give up dreaming
Hey she might wear your ring
And show you secret things

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