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Perfumed Letter

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album Perfumed Letter (2003).

Do you remember what you wrote
In the perfumed letter
I was counting upon you
Though I know you deserve better
The moon is on the waters
And the hands move on your face
Of a clock that has no memory
Of our sad farewell embrace

Your love is fire and all aglow
It's shimmering and vertigo
We're shining hard like video

And I am all of nothing
I will never be enough
Tryin' desperately to fill
All this void that keeps on showing up
Uninvited to your parties
Unwanted in your bedroom
While your innocence is checking out
With the better part of you

I forget what you wrote
In that perfumed letter
I remember taking note
That you had made me better

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