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Other Side Of The Wrecking Ball

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the EP Recent Demos (2008).

How you gonna make it to the door
How you gonna pay up more than you bargained for
How you gonna live down your past
How you gonna defy your current raggedy ass
This is gonna be one of those baby hold on tight songs
This is gonna be baby please all night long songs
What do you see when you look in the mirror
God you've gotta make this just a little clearer
Did you know about the ruin before the fall
On the other side of the wrecking ball
I'm sorry for the hurt I'm sorry for the shame
I'm sorry for the frame you had to rearrange
All bought and sold yeah the glitter and gold
Bought and sold
Self loathing's a wicked mistress son
Spilling all the details with a bullhorn
Mercy won't you kiss a simple fool
Buy you another round of your ???


Written by:

Bill Mallonee

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