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Of Future Partridge Families (Back Of The Bus)

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album Friendly Fire (2005).

You spend most of your days looking for a place
Something you can reach out and touch and taste
You wind up in this skin alone in the world
Trying to find your place on the string of pearls

We're sitting on the back of the bus
Head in the clouds and a heart full of trust
Sittin' on the back of the bus
There's a world of light inside the two of us

When love is a pirate truth walks the plank
Orphan cries drown under thundering tanks
The best revolutions are the ones inside of you
But the ghost of illusion always wants her due

Public transportation overnight sensations
Further deliberations are needed
Step off of the greyhound time to put your bags down
And be greeted

Here's one for the boy here's one for the girl
Forever starts now and it's the best of all worlds
Your breath is so warm and your touch is bliss
Your lips are so moist that we drown in the kiss

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