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Man Of Words (Runs Outta Things To Say)

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album WPA Vol. 12 Songs For The Journey & Beyond (2012).

Blinded by the bright lights
Dazzled by the babes
And fames has got a price tag
And the piper must be paid

Power, is a funny girl
We spent some nights along the way
And pride's a master of disguise
She answer's to many names

And songs were just a way for me
To keep one foot from the grave
So it's frightenin' when a man of words
Runs outta things to say

What's done is done and come and gone
And the ghosts of the past
Bellied up round to see your future
At the bottom of a glass

And the engine, she is seizing
Pistons firing wrong
If mercy is a spotlight
For God's sake, turn it on

Now the clock is still ticking
And I haven't slept at all
Just this reoccurring dream
About walkin' down an empty hall
And every door I try is locked
But then I realize
I've gone and locked 'em all myself
And that... from the inside.

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