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This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album Hit And Run (2005).

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From a simple plant that was long growing there
From the king of the world to your worst nightmare
Got you an old recipe and some chemicals to stir
It might have felt just like God once, but now it's Lucifer

Oh, to be clean
Yeah, and you know the thing is sleeping a scratch below your skin
And God knows if you wake it up, you gotta calm it down again
And I wonder what it felt like when the waters flooded in and it got too hard to swim

It feels just like a hunger, but you cannot feed the thing
It always wants a new song that you can't really sing
It never shows you the whole truth 'til the poison's leaking through
What you thought you were doing, well, now it's doing you

And it could take a few years to dig out of this mind
What with a shaft so deep and dark, it might take a lifetime
The choices, they're like diamonds you found down there one night
You gotta grab the one that's your true self and bring it to the light

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