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Losing Battle

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album Hit And Run (2005).

Ponder straight edge for awhile
Ruminations and consequences
Outtakes and mending fences
Errors of your ways

A little courageous moment
It's a plot of land, and you could have owned it
Where everything awaits the light of day

You can't outrun the black clouds
You've allowed more than is allowed
The spirit leaves before the death rattle
Losing battle

Who knows where it all went?
Before you earned it, it was all spent
Spending and getting and losing is all there is

Left to your own devices
A few white lies and some compromises
You tell yourself, but it's not sinking in

Who knows where this all will go?
Those thousand fools you call your heroes
The expectations
Crossbars too high to reach

One, two, three, here we go
Into a high-wire act or a boondoggle side show
There was no safety net underneath

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