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Life On Other Planets

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album Fetal Position (2002) and on the album Perfumed Letter (2003).

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I've got you and some scars for all my labors
You've got me everybody needs a Savior
I feel bad all these days that we spent running
You're all grown up and I hardly saw it coming
I believe it turns to gold
Watch love begin to unfold
It's like a story you were once told
When you believed in God and New Romantics
And life out there on other planets
Angel's wings and all these giants being slain
The smallest stone well it can get lodged in your brain
I see you and my heart fills with emotion
I push your swing but it's silent and in slow motion
I'm always falling in love
It's the least you can do
I'm always falling in love
With something other than you
Pull me up God I don't know why I'm lame
I'm drowning in a sadness I can't hardly name
Easily swayed by the power of suggestion
It's always hard getting past those first impressions


Written by:

Bill Mallonee

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