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Leaving Trains

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album Circa (2007).

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Falling rain swinging door
No one buying records too much anymore
Neon glass folks walk past
Storefront window on the world
They trace their feet
To an empty seat
By that windowpane
On the leaving trains
The scratch and hiss old stylus
Come have a listen to his master's voice
Most of what you know acuff-rose
The circle of truth is still unbroken
Are you chasing or being chased
Which one are you
You might find a deeper voice
Down in the groove
Step in here for a minute son sit yourself down dear
Let me spin you one of those tunes from yesteryear
Three minutes to explain sure you'll make your train
Those melodies they ride for free


Written by:

Bill Mallonee

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