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Just To Feel The Heat

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album The Power & The Glory (2011).

Mighta known I'd find you here
Just you and all those regulars
And all that sadness you gotta protect
And that nameless thing breathin' down your neck
The trains you missed or were long over due
The orbits we fall so easily into
And you're wandering the city tonight
And you're trying to say the words to an old prayer just right

You never told me your house was haunted
And it's cold in the places you sleep
And I dunno if I'm just what you wanted
I burned it down... just to feel the heat...

Mighta known I'd find you gone
No goodbye note, no "farewell" or "so long."
It's hard choosing the spaces you wanted
When all of them are equally haunted
Mighta known I'd find you there
Last place to look in 1000 years
Funny how when the die is cast
What you thought was 1st is pulling up last

So basically, when push comes to shove
Nobody knows what they're made of
And there ain't no foolin' yourself this time
You're the cruel joke and the bad punch line

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