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Jump Start

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album Hit And Run (2005).

The sound of loneliness is breaking of glass
It's a woman that's crying as the tires squeal past
Outside my old building with the outrageous rent
By an open window of an upstairs apartment

My battery died the very next morn
You were looking kind of beat up you were looking pretty worn
In that old college sweatshirt worn over your broken heart
But you said kid you look like you could use a jump start

With such a wound is there some antiseptic
For the tears and confusion of being rejected
Buried under sand is there a playground girl
And how does woman carry all the weight of the world

He's been gone three weeks and he hasn't even phoned
You were thinking about moving striking out on your own
But where do you run when there's no place to hide
When every distance is forever when you're paralyzed

From the inside out of an outside turned in
And if it came down to him coming home again
Would you jump off his car would you make his chrome shine
Would you hand him the keys and say let's go for a ride

Would you take your place on the passenger's side
Would you take it to heart his lame ass alibis
And begin the cycle anew and afresh
Would you paint a pretty smile over your perfect wreck

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