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Jaws Of Life

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album Locket Full Of Moonlight (2002).

If I forgot something
Out here along the way
Let it be forgotten
We didn't need it anyway
It's hard to believe
We ever made it out of town
Look how far that we've come
Considering what we drag around
Loved all my simple chords
And I loved your def low end
Loved the big bang boom
And that piece of crap we traveled in
Made us some records
That really weren't so bad
Made us some real good friends
With this 6-string drag
Must be Something must be Someone bigger than
Pulling me out jaws of life from my skin
You can tell she's in love
'Cause she's got that summershine face
You can tell he's in love
He wants to bask inside her rays
Took my things to the Goodwill
To give them away for free
They said hey kid we like those blue suede shoes
But you can keep that Christmas tree
Babe what's your poison
Yeah we choose our own trouble
Babe here's my poison
Whatever's cheap make mine a double
Strange fascination
With what never satisfies
We're either eyes glued to the ground
Or Lucy in the skies


Written by:

Bill Mallonee

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