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In Time With Yours

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album Stolen Kisses & Other Thefts (2006).

Yeah I'm heading out west
With no dreams to rule my heart
You take a shot of courage
For the one you'll take in the dark
Sure it is a dirty job
Kid why did you sign on
Leave a better part of you
A thousand miles from home

Speak so I can hear you
Open up my eyes
Make my heart beat in time with yours
So I'll know you haven't died

The clang and bang of twelve string
There was joy in the air
But sometimes the ride on the passenger side
Feels like an electric chair
And the stories you are writing
They are never what you think
And the things you open up tonight
Well they bleed invisible ink

Oh to put the burdens down
And we take off our disguise
Oh to speak aloud of things
We now just whisper through our eyes
Athens cold and gray
I hear it's warmer way out west
Sunlight should be peeking through
Ah but she ain't got here yet

Girl you know I love you
You're all I've ever loved
But these days I'm so dismayed
With my own flesh and blood


  • Written by Bill Mallonee

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