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I Will Never Be Normal (After This)

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album Dear Life (2004).

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Now most of my friends
They have bailed out long ago
And they've all got their stories
For the paths that they have chosen
See for some their family's love
Felt like a boxer's blow
Now they spend their days feelin' small
Wherever they do roam

But hey there are drugs to help you see God
And there are drugs for when depressed
And there are drugs that make you harder still
For when you get undressed
And there's drugs for the guiltiness
So you'll feel one with the universe
But girl you were the only one
To ever break the curse

Yeah it could have been your eyes
But I suspect it was your kiss
Honey I will never be normal after this

Now everyone's a junkie
And since daylight's such a pain
We're all looking for some darkness
To stick into our veins
For some of us it's lust
For others it is power
For some of us it's playing songs
And drinking after hours

Yeah you've gone and upped the ante
In this game that we all play
Gotta wake up and believe
That love's the better way
And people can really be healed
There are even some of 'em you can trust
But first you gotta take a risk
And tell 'em where it hurts

What if it's for a purpose
What if we used our battered faith
They say God He doesn't make junk
And Jesus never makes mistakes
He has never given up
On anything that He has made
He will chase you like a lover
Right through heaven's gate

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