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Holy Mother Mary

This song is by Bill Mallonee and appears on the album Yonder Shines The Infant Light (2005).

Early flight probably skip sleep
Getting back to you not as easy as it seems
And all these dreams that just got in the way
Like the congress the president lies
Like static on the ??? phone line
I rub my eyes and try to stay awake
Well your eyes seem to know
Mazzy star on the stereo
The razor's edge we walk of faith and doubt
Yes and your kiss all full of surrender
Me white flag helpless and tender
And then then the bottoms drop out
Why does everybody in this old (damn) town
Plead and assent when the crime goes down
It's never hard to tell (trace) whose blood's been spilt
Holy mother mary when the wine gives out
And the land is parched stricken with drought
I've never seen it look quite like this before
Yes and ask your Son He's pretty strong
He's got a real good heart and loves everyone
An open heart is always an open door
It stepped up on the windy platform
The trains were late and the stars were being born
That is to say they were just coming out
Rolling out like a new car from the factory
Like a closet gay getting free
Of shackles of one kind or another
I know this thing is as long as shit
And by now you're ready to hit skip
I didn't do it for you no I did it for me
And all these film techniques that you employed
In the heart a camera full of melted solenoid


Written by:

Bill Mallonee

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